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Held at 7 pm, on the Fourth Tuesday of the Month, Johnsen Insurance on Broadway in Baraboo. 

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The Board meeting is on the fourth Tuesday of the month, beginning at 4:30 pm at Johnsen Insurance. All members invited!


Encore !! Art 2019

The 28th of April, Earth Day,celebrated in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin by Sauk County Earth Day. Find us in the VFW Park.

ArtJune 2019

on the Third Saturday, that's June 15th. Registration for artists, food vendors and non-profits is open. Jury deadlines have changed, follow the link above for more information.


Thinking about plastic drinking straw ideas.

My mind turned gluing straws into little houses,                  MY mind turned toward gluing together a straw castle for an old

some little pig figures found at ST Vincent's, a wolf              "Barbie" type doll to put out in my side garden.  Maybe one of  

made from something ( incorporating a small fan?)               my garbage bag chickens providing some drama????


It has been a bit harder to find enough "distressed straws for my Parking Lot Findings collage. 

So far I will need to use other neat found objects.  I have photos of several compositions.

No background surface has been chosen.  Folks are much neater than I thought. 

Trash is noticed and better remembered as "OH that is NASTY!" 

But when one is intentionally looking for  Nifty & Neat trash.  I am thinking "WHERE IS IT?"