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Held at 7 pm, on the Fourth Tuesday of the Month, Johnsen Insurance on Broadway in Baraboo. 

Board Meeting

The Board meeting is on the fourth Tuesday of the month, beginning at 4:30 pm at Johnsen Insurance. All members invited!

Member's Challenge

The show is expected in February 2019, culminating in a Members' recognition dinner in late February

Encore !! Art 2018

The 22rd of April, Earth Day,celebrated in Rock Springs, Wisconsin by Sauk County Earth Day

Wisconsin Artistic Sampler

The Artistic Sampler is a five-day workshop focusing on art and the Baraboo Area. Follow the link for the details and registration.

ArtJune 2018

on the Third Saturday, that's June 16th. Registration for artists, food vendors and non-profits is open.


    Here I sit inside during the first snowstorm that actually leaves something

to shovel and / or make into a snow sculpture.

 OMG   it's February  --What gives--   Planet-EARTH????   

     Well I stayed inside and went through that dresser in the corner of the spare room.

There has to be something I can use for an ENCORE entry!!   I remember small aluminum

pie tins somewhere -(34 total I think)-  I moved some boxes in front of the dresser....

and found some old cord from my macrame days in one. Another had old papers to shred.

I am not up for a papier-mache project today.  A wooden embroidery hoop, the cord, and

those pesky twist ties, (HUM-M-M-M) soda bottle rings, a straw or two, and maybe-e-e-e

one of pie tins..... I think there was a large one in that drawer????  What tool will make the