Membership Challenge

  • The end of January 2015 was our 18th annual Members' Show and about 18 of our members contributed to the themed entry category, Neptune's Birthday.

    LINK.  Photos and information provided by member, Marcia Wollschlager.

  • The 2016 Members' Show is a themed, non-juried show of recent work produced by SCAA members. The 2016 theme is "Big Things Come in Small Packages" and the rules are simple, (1) done within a year and, (2) sized as below.

    All works will be displayed at the Schwalbach Gallery on the UW-Baraboo/Sauk County campus. Due to space limitations, entries will be limited to works fitting within a 12" cube (including frame, but not pedestal). One themed work, plus up to three more works completed at any time (with the same size restrictions, subject to available space) per artist will be accepted.

  • Everything has a Story -- so what DOES this mean?

    Well, that's the point of the Member's Challenge, take an obscure phrase, which may or may not have a backstory, and give it your own spin.

    You can tell your story with at 2D or 3D piece.  You can use any technique you like. You can use your favorite medium, or experiment with a new one. You could even use glitter!

    The Details

    The Challenge will be displayed during the month of February (from Jan 31st until Feb 25th) at Baraboo's only wine bar, Con Amici.  The show can be seen when the shop is open, Tuesdays through Saturday from 4p until closing.  Stop in and make sure you make your People's Choice.



  • When a theme suggestion comes with a dare and provokes laughter at a board meeting, you cannot ignore it!

    Will you make a piece that fits one of the "options?"  Will it be an "installation" of three pieces? Will you make us laugh or think or wonder?

    Whatever our membership does, we are definitely looking forward to our next challenge! 


  • The Challenge

    Create a piece of artwork that exemplifies your vision of the theme.  Do you think of the trophy fish that sang the refrain to "Take me to the River?" Do you live close to the Baraboo River, the Wisconsin River, or any one of the other streams we have in Sauk County?  What kind of piece are you thinking about will you strut your stuff, try a new medium or a new style. Whatever you do, have fun with the theme! Or be serious if you like, Sauk County has had quite the summer and fall, with most of our rivers over full.

    Visiting the Show

    This year's show will hang in the Con Amici Wine Bar on 3rd St. in Downtown Baraboo. The show can be viewed at anytime the shop is open. There will be an open house on Saturday, February 9th in the evening. Members of the SCAA will provide hor d'oeuvres. Beverages should be purchased from Con Amici. 

    People's Choice

    As has been our practice the last couple years, we'll choose "winners" based upon our visitor's responses. The public is encouraged to vote for their favorite pieces. visitors may vote between February 9th and February 22nd. 

    Detailed Schedule

  • The Challenge

    Make a piece of artwork the shares your thoughts on this theme: Everything has a Story!

    The Winners

    This years winners included Tayana Kliner (Judge's Choice), Lisa Taylor (Best 3D), Ellen McGauphy (Best 2D), John Skille (People's Choice), and Marcia Wollschlager (People's Choice).

    Thank you to our judge, Helen Klebesadel for joining us for this event!

    Some Photos!

    Thank you to Marcia Wollschlager for sharing.