Encore Basics

These articles are here to help you become familiar with the Encore!!Art show.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Encore!!Art Coordinator.

This article contains general information. Please check the current Encore!!Art article for the dates, times, and locations specific to the upcoming show.

Entry Postmarks and Fees

You know postmarks...the cancellation the post office puts on your stamped envelope?

Early Bird Postmarks

Submit your entry form(s) to the post office for by March 1st, and you qualify for our Early Bird Fee!

"Normal" Postmarks

Submit your entry form(s) to the post office between March 1st and April 13th (that would be Friday the 13th), and you qualify for the Regular Registration Fee.

Late Registration Postmarks

Submit your entry form(s) to the post office after April 13th, and you qualify for the Late Registration Fee.

Show Dates

Entry Due Date & Delivery Location

Entries should be brought to the Sauk County Earth Day Celebration location before the event starts on Sunday morning.

IF you are bringing your work on Sunday, SCAA will be available beginning at 8:00am. 

Venues and Dates

The show opens at 9am on Sunday morning . At the close of the event, the show is packed up and moved to a gallery for a longer display time.

Every effort will be made to keep your artwork from being damaged. SCAA and volunteers will not be held responsible for damage, breakage, loss or theft of artwork

Artwork may be for sale. No commissions will be charged by SCAA. The Galleries we move the show to, may have other rules. You will be notified if this is the case.



We look for a judge with all the qualities a good judge should have, starting with a pretty good sense of humor! Then we turn them loose on the show.

Judging will be completed by 2 p.m. Sunday. People’s Choice will be counted at 3 p.m.

Award Categories

Originality, Most whimsical, Craftsmanship, & People’s choice


We have awards for each category, a ribbon, and prize, usually a coveted gift certificate.

Yes, Entry Fees!

We use the entry fees you pay to offset the cost of our prizes. We hope you approve!

Age Groups

We split our Makers into two groups, Adults are 18 and older, and those under 18, our young people.

When you Enter

We have and Early Bird Date and a Late Entry Date

And the Fees are 

Fees  Adults 18 and younger Postmark Date
Early Bird  $10 Free Before March 1st
Regular  $15 $5 March 1st until April 13th
Late Registration  $20 $5 and a proud smile for Karen After April 13th


Payment can be made by check. If you want to charge your entry, let us know, we can invoice you through PayPal.

Payment should be sent, with the rest of your entry forms, to:


   PO Box 222

   Baraboo, WI 53913

The Materials and Dimensions of Encore!!Artwork


Wood, paper, metal, and anything goes! In fact, so far, we think, but we're not quite sure, we've seen just about everything.

Entries must 75% recycled or reused, non-hazardous materials, with no sharp edges or points. 


Your entry must easily pass through a 36” wide door. Of course, if you intend the piece for outdoors, let us know. We can accomodate that too.


Also, keep in mind whether or not you will require special display bases. At Rock Springs, we have 6'-8' tables. At the other venues, we will likely have pedestals. We do have a selection of light weight easels that we can use for light-weight 2-D pieces


If your piece is heavy, over 20 pounds, you will need to move the art. If the piece is delicate, we'll ask you move the art.

Type of Art

Entries can be 2- or 3-dimensional, wearable, you decide.

A couple Encore!!Art Entries. Click the title, there are links to albums stored on our Facebook Page!

*Award* - Most Innovative Use of Materials! 
“Media Mutt” 
-David Wernecke, Baraboo WI, 
Old records, LPs & 78s, dog food lids, CD discs, wine corks, VCR tape, 35 mm film, mylar from 35 computer discs, toy pieces, from dumpster, head is a bulk film loader


*Award* - Best Interpretive Theme:- Water- “Flowering Hubcap” - Mary Krszjaniek, Baraboo WI , Hubcap from a car, soda cans, glass wire, sticks, plants, food frame