The Materials and Dimensions of Encore!!Artwork


Wood, paper, metal, and anything goes! In fact, so far, we think, but we're not quite sure, we've seen just about everything.

Entries must 75% recycled or reused, non-hazardous materials, with no sharp edges or points. 


Your entry must easily pass through a 36” wide door. Of course, if you intend the piece for outdoors, let us know. We can accomodate that too.


Also, keep in mind whether or not you will require special display bases. At Rock Springs, we have 6'-8' tables. At the other venues, we will likely have pedestals. We do have a selection of light weight easels that we can use for light-weight 2-D pieces


If your piece is heavy, over 20 pounds, you will need to move the art. If the piece is delicate, we'll ask you move the art.

Type of Art

Entries can be 2- or 3-dimensional, wearable, you decide.