Yes, Entry Fees!

We use the entry fees you pay to offset the cost of our prizes. We hope you approve!

Age Groups

We split our Makers into two groups, Adults are 18 and older, and those under 18, our young people.

When you Enter

We have and Early Bird Date and a Late Entry Date

And the Fees are 

Fees  Adults 18 and younger Postmark Date
Early Bird  $10 Free Before March 1st
Regular  $15 $5 March 1st until April 13th
Late Registration  $20 $5 and a proud smile for Karen After April 13th


Payment can be made by check. If you want to charge your entry, let us know, we can invoice you through PayPal.

Payment should be sent, with the rest of your entry forms, to:


   PO Box 222

   Baraboo, WI 53913