Recently I picked up a copy of the Wisconsin Gazette paper.

    The cover photo of a cup with straw caught my attention. 

So did the "Stop Sucking" caption.  The feature article mentions the Lonely Whale Foundation (Seattle, WA) and the #Stop Sucking movement choosing reduced use of the single use drinking straw as their priority three years ago.

  Hence the poor turtle with a straw in its nose photo being shared. 

 Heck!  Even I have seen it!  I've decided that straws are gross and help make those ugly pucker lines around my mouth !!!! 

           So in the interest of humanity's pretty faces.....

PUT ON YOU THINKING CAPS...... See how many ways we can Reuse drinking straws in useful or just pretty ways.

Choose virgin ones still in their wrappers.

Rescue tired, flattened, splintered ones from curbs, parking lots and storm sewer grates.

EARTH DAY 2019   APRIL 28, 2019 is less than a year away