I realize that this is yesterday's news..but...YIPPE & YAHOO !!!   NO PLASTIC STRAWS will be offered with drinks purchased at the new Milwaukee Bucks stadium.  Other food items will be in recyclable containers.  One less material source for ENCORE!!ART's special challenge creations for 2019.  There are other sources.  After cruising the local fast food parking areas for distressed straws, cups, lids, and such; I did not find much.  MY RESPECT RISES for the various company's staff efforts. I have had to widen my search areas. Walking the neighborhood with one eye canted toward the curb.  Parking far end at the mall hoping for someone's careless droppings.  Carefully maneuvering to rescue treasure from  lake shores. stream edges, culverts and sewer grates.  A personal tick hunt has been necessary after obtaining a special goody from roadside   and hiking trail brush.