The usefulness of gourds was recognized by early man and has an important place in native cultures. Their use has evolved from utilitarian vessels such as storage and water vessels to musical instruments, religious objects and even works of art. It is believed that the gourd is the only plant believed to span the entire planet during prehistoric times.

This workshop includes:

  1. A short presentation of the history of gourds and examples.
  2. A discussion of gourd basics and safety measures
  3. Time to prepare your gourd
  4. Painting and staining your gourd
  5. Beading your gourd

 You should be able to leave with a finished piece.

For those who want to take their painting to a more advanced level, I suggest checking out some of the books listed below.

  • Gourd Pyrography by Jim Widess
  • Gourds: Southwest Gourd Techniques and Projects by Bonnie Gibson
  • Gourd Craft by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess