Thinking about plastic drinking straw ideas.

My mind turned gluing straws into little houses,                  MY mind turned toward gluing together a straw castle for an old

some little pig figures found at ST Vincent's, a wolf              "Barbie" type doll to put out in my side garden.  Maybe one of  

made from something ( incorporating a small fan?)               my garbage bag chickens providing some drama????


It has been a bit harder to find enough "distressed straws for my Parking Lot Findings collage. 

So far I will need to use other neat found objects.  I have photos of several compositions.

No background surface has been chosen.  Folks are much neater than I thought. 

Trash is noticed and better remembered as "OH that is NASTY!" 

But when one is intentionally looking for  Nifty & Neat trash.  I am thinking "WHERE IS IT?"